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Joda Collins, Evangelist/Revivalist

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Dear Pastor,       


I have been a Southern Baptist pastor for 25 years, and an evangelist for four years (not consecutively).  Currently, I specialize in doing revival and evangelistic meetings within a 50-mile radius of Milton, Florida.  That translates into many benefits for local churches.


Most pastors recognize the need for revival, and the importance of using the gift of the evangelist/revivalist.  For a number of good reasons, churches often have fewer revivals and evangelistic meetings than they want.  I would like to offer a solution for each of these problems, and then offer my services to you and your church.


Problem One:  The cost is prohibitive, especially for smaller churches.

Solution:  I will preach a revival or evangelistic meeting at your church for $75 per meeting (preaching service), or on a love offering basis.  I pay all of my own expenses when I am speaking at churches with 50 miles of Milton, Florida, expect for restaurant meals when I am invited out.


Problem Two: Smaller churches feel embarrassed that they cannot pay an evangelist well.

Solution:  Do not be embarrassed.  The cost for my services for large churches is the same as for small churches: seventy-five dollars per service or a love offering, whichever you select.


Problem Three:  Evangelists often do more harm to the church than good.

Solution:  I have been a Southern Baptist senior pastor for more than 25 years, and an evangelist for four years.  I understand the needs and sensitivities of the pastorate, and will not damage your church by speaking inappropriately.


Problem Four:  Housing and meal arrangements create difficulties for the church.

I return home each night, and cover my own auto expense, and cost of meals (except when I am invited out to eat).


Problem Five:  Evangelists are, sometimes, not relevant to the conditions and needs of the church.

Solution:  I am willing to speak with the pastor about church needs; however, even when I do not, there has never been a claim that my preaching is not relevant.


I am new to the Milton area and as of March 3, 2005 just beginning my ministry here.  My calendar is, therefore, open.  Give me a call.  I designed my web site to be brief and to the point.  Please read each page (accessed near the top left) to gain a good idea of my ministry.


                                                                                  In Christ,

Dr. Joda L. Collins, AUTHOR

                                                                         Joda L. Collins

This photo is 11 years old but there
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